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6′ DNS

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A big fat DNS at Six Foot Track Marathon. Just when it was looking like I was coming into some form, with my 2nd fastest time and a comfortable win in the Striders Equaliser two weeks ago. But the kids have been snotting on me for the last couple of weeks and the day before the race I woke up with a sore head and scratchy throat. I did an easy 20 mins hoping to shake it off, but felt worse afterwards and during the drive up the mountains. During the night I woke at 2:30 am with a throbbing headache and sore throat and knew I wouldn’t be racing that day.

It was interesting to watch the finish line. Everyone looked a lot more buggered than I expected. Maybe it was the heat and humidity, but the runners I spoke to said it wasn’t especially bad. Excellent debut by Tom Do Canto who I’d expect to break the record if he enters the race again (his 52:19 KOM record kind of destroys the “trail running is special” theory). Remarkable running by Brendan Davies (2nd) who was first to cross the river in 59:11 alongside record-holder Stu Gibson. To put that into perspective, when I ran my 3:24 PB I crossed the river 5 minutes(!) slower. But Stu struggled and Brendan held on well, actually posting a faster Pluvi-Finish split than Tom. I reckon everyone went out a bit too hard though. Vajin Armstrong (3rd) had the fastest Pluvi-Finish split at 1:25:07 which is not especially quick. Pace judgement is tough on a hot and humid day.

The ladies race was exciting and keenly fought. Ella Jamieson flying under the radar to take the win in 4:14. Erika Jordan running well after a great build-up and taking second in 4:20, and Sophie Brown taking 3rd (4:23) off Greta Truscott with just 500 m to go! Its great to see some good battles for the podium.

I wasn’t too upset to miss the race. I had some quality family time instead and got to be support crew to Amanda (5:08 & 34th – not too shabby). But watching it has lit a fire in my belly and I can’t wait for the winter season and next year’s race.


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