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Early Start

2013-03-20 1 comment

Not doing much training at the moment so I’ll post some pretty pictures instead.

I often sleep very badly the night after a big race. Elevated heart rate and sore legs seem to keep me awake in the early hours. The night after Six Foot I was awake and restless from about 2 am until 5 when Fats the younger woke up and came for a cuddle and started chatting. So we headed outside the cabin with cup of tea and blanket to look at the stars and watch the sun rise over the Megalong Valley:




My recovery was hampered last week by a nasty bout of gastro which, combined with post race depletion, resulted in my lowest body weight in about 20 years (61 kg). Slowly getting back into it and hope to rejoin the HuRT Squad for training tomorrow. Don’t want to lose the momentum now.

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Christmas Toy

2012-01-15 Leave a comment

A few snaps from my Christmas toy – a Lomo Fisheye II. I’m a bit disappointed that the camera crops the top and bottom of the image. I’m pretty sure the original Lomo Fisheye generated a circular image. Anyway, it is a lot of fun and it’s so light I can probably keep it in my running pack all the time. ASA400 film is a bit hard to come by though…

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