St Peters Hills

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Decided it was too hot and sunny for a pale-skinned bald guy to run at lunchtime, so headed out to Sydney Park around 7pm. The session was the same as new year’s day: 15 x 60-second hills. The hill in Syd Park is a little on the short side, so I ended up averaging 51 secs. 2~3 secs quicker than NYD and with shorter recoveries (but not as hot). Nice cool-down around the wetlands, and 15 km all up.

Starting to feel some real improvements coming through. Lighter on my feet, faster leg turnover, breathing more easily and less fatigued after the session. A good start to the year so far.

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Great North Walk Star

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It’s been a long time since I ran with the Striders on a Sunday, so I joined them today for the Great North Walk Star from Woolwich Wharf. Only 4 running with the 6:20 am group and I cut short to keep it close to 2 hours. 28 km total and slow going through the bush. I’d forgotten how gnarly it gets through there. Finished around Woolwich dock where there are a couple of impressive Sydney-Hobart yachts tied up, presumably being repaired after a battering. Legs feeling OK after the long session yesterday.

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18 km of white fence

2016-01-09 1 comment

I was expecting a 60 minute tempo, but after the warm-up coach Tiger announced it was going to be 3x 3.6 km laps of intervals around the CP white fence (2k hard, 600m float, 500m hard, 500m float) leading straight into a further 2 laps tempo. Well the laps got progressively slower, but the last two felt OK once I’d found my rhythm. 3:53/km average for the session and 24 km total by the time I’d cooled down. I feel like I’m putting a lot in the bank right now without much obvious improvement. I guess it will take a while longer to see the full benefit.

The rest of the family are in Canberra for the weekend, so I returned home to enjoy uninterrupted coffee, bacon & eggs with the Saturday Paper followed a great big bowl of this special delivery – a late birthday present shipped by surface mail all the way from England!


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The Dangers of Doing Too Little

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Steve Magness with a possible explanation of why you always seem to get the sniffles and a scratchy throat when you taper for the marathon:

Science of Running: The Dangers of Doing too Little- Why backing off can increase stress.

Ironically, I have a rest day today. Are you sure coach?

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I decided to register a domain name. Hopefully the token expenditure will motivate me to keep up the training log. It’s always been a good motivator in the past.

19 km slow plod along River Rd. Feeling heavy and tired. I blame the rucksack. Hopefully a miracle occurs before Saturday morning (another 60 minute tempo planned).

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Splish, splosh, splash

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15 km of puddles, soggy grass and overflowing drains. Slow, with a couple of minor niggles that disappeared by the end. Plus 4x 80m hills.

Took the day off work to take the older kids to the Powerhouse Museum and to spend their Christmas vouchers in the city. It was fun. The Lego DC comics characters were pretty cool. My personal favourites:



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The Jute Diet

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This from Alex Hutchinson (@sweatscience) is very good, and confirms my preconceptions about diet, exercise and weight-loss.


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